Whether you are a small municipality or a branch of one of our federal agencies, Conner Networks has the certifications and experience to develop the optimal information technology solutions for government institutions. We are a certified 8a company as well as a California certified Micro/Small Business company.

Our solutions include building your network from scratch, updating your network to current standards, performing security assessments of your network, or training your employees on how to effectively utilize the hardware and software at their disposal.

Conner Networks has been assisting our armed forces to properly use information systems for several years. This includes training members of the United States Marine Corp in Camp Pendleton, California and designing and implementing solutions that have been deployed to Iraq.

The United States Marine Corp requires the most secure and functional systems in the world. Lives are on the line, and if information is not handled properly, disastrous consequences can result. We have earned the trust of one of the most elite military branches in history. It is for this reason, we feel confident in effectively helping any governmental agency achieve their goals.

Case Study 1: As a subcontractor, Conner Networks has designed and implemented the Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure at Camp Pendleton, California. This infrastructure was then deployed to Iraq to support United States Military Operations there. We also trained the Marine engineers responsible for maintaining the mail/security infrastructure for the USMC.

Case Study 2: As a subcontractor, Conner Networks has performed and delivered IT training for the United States Marine Corp in various bases for last six years. This training included Microsoft Windows 2003 server training, Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, TCP/IP and Desktop systems.